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Update To Site

I have added a “Contact” page, if you guys need to contact me.

I also have added a “Keep This Site Going” PayPal donation button, if you would like to contribute to the annual price of the domain, to keep the site up and easy to find! Or maybe you just want to buy me a coffee!

Thanks for reading! And until next time!


Good Morning!

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning!

I’m up and early, because My Love had to goto work at 4AM today. Definitely not something he likes! Normally I wouldn’t either, and I would usually be in bed til 10 or 11AM, but my schedule kind of revolves around his, so i’m up!

Took my ashwagandha today from a wonderful store called Restore Wellness RGV! I will take my B-12 shot later when I am about to work.

My Love is very grumpy when he doesn’t get enough sleep. Almost scary, haha.

What are things you do to make the day great?

This post is just to remind you to make your mornings great! It’s a fresh start to entering the world every 24 hours. Leave your mark. Plant a seed. Sow greatness. And reap impossibility!

Thanks for reading! And until next time!

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